Why Trucking Firms
Choose Us

Highest MONEY
(approximately 97%)

We supply the utmost
advancements in the
commercial factoring business.

Because we have our own funds  Our competition is limited by their financial institutions

LOWEST commercial factoring RATES

Factoring trucking leader;
We have the most affordable trucking factoring rates in the industry
How ?
Due to the fact that we use
our very own money.
The others are limited
by their financial institutions.


With over 106 YEARS combined experience in factoring for the trucking field. Our expertise as well as experience allows us to have a functioning
understanding of the distinct needs
your company looks at every day.

Various other trucking factoring companies need you to sign a very limiting contract that ranges from 6 months to 1 year or longer.
As well as they require you to sell your invoices with them in the course of that whole entire time.

You may factor all of your accounts or you may decide to factor only a few. In other words, you may personalize your own account!

AllDay/All Night Online account management tools
Our over the internet services permit you to view your reports and also collection activities changed everyday.

Startup business
are wanted.

Startups Are Our One Of Our Specialties!
Did you just get your authority? Heading out on your own? If your trucking business is just getting started, you've come to the appropriate place.

We can help you recognize top quality customers, build up your credit rating with beneficial cashflow, and have our account supervisors professionally represent your business.

1 - 800 - 986 - 1854

Truckers Repeatedly
Pick Us for Their Factoring Loan Business Needs

We have been providing commercial factoring services
all over the country for years and also have clients in hundreds of fields.

We recognize that to be effective
in Trucking, you require money.
Money for payroll, overhead expenses,
taxes or merely ease the monetary burdens
experienced throughout swift sales growth durations

You may rely on
us for rapid as well as friendly service.
We have actually the capacity to purchase your receivables and also give the money to you within 12 to 24 hours

As our customer you are designated one account manager who will personally manage all of your account activity and inquiries.

This provides us the ability to acquire your receivables as well as get the cash to you within 12 to 24 hours.

Having one account supervisor look after
your account likewise makes it easy for you to choose which invoices you are going to sell and also when you want to sell those invoices.

More Explanations Why
Trucking Companies
Decide on Our Factoring Loan Business Services

circle03_skyblue.gif Same Day Funding

circle03_skyblue.gif Advance Rates that
  Exceed Market Norms
  by 20%
We offer cash advancements rates up to 97%
The traditional max in the market is 80%.
We can easily offer you much higher advances because
of our special financing capacities

circle03_skyblue.gif Flexible Contracts -

We offer you with deals
that satisfy your capital requirements, not ours.

Unlike the others, we do not make you sign long - term deals and we don't
charge you costs when you are inactive.

circle03_skyblue.gif Invoice Processing
Not just can we give you the most
innovative technolgy but we additionally keep
the old - fashioned systems due to the fact that
every client has different necessities.

Unlike the Competition, our objective right here
is not to oblige you to adapt to us,
but to get you the cash you require
in the quickest and also most
effective way

Please call us today

and our seasoned truck factoring
administrators will aid you
acquiring the financing you need

1 - 800 - 986 - 1854

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Fuel / Debit Card Plan Particulars

  • The fuel card is accepted as cash at all areas.
  • 40,000 available locations, including Flying J, Petro, Pilot,
    Travel Centers, Wilco, and Loves.
  • Unique Worked out fuel refunds Petro
    and Pilot ($.01 per gallon).
  • The capacities of the plan are endless.
    The card (s) could
    be utilized for fuel purchases, money, oil / additives,
    tire purchases and repairs,
    small truck repairs, truck washes, oil changes, etc.
    The plan is individualized to suit your special necessities.
  • Low transaction cost that remains the
    same no matter the product
    being acquired, the dollar amount
    of the transaction or the area of acquisition.
  • Detailed everyday or regular records for expenses and also driver
    monitoring & web accessibility upon demand.
  • Your account is designated a Personal Identity Number (PIN),
    which allows 24 - hr access to your account.
  • Outstanding individualized client service directly
    from the experienced personnel of CTS